Site Work by M.T. Mayo Corp.

301 Border St East Boston, MA

301 Border St East Boston, MA

Started in January 2020, still ongoing

Project scope:

  • Site Preparation (Erosion control, Excavate and dispose existing paving and concrete sidewalks,

Sub grade entire building, Load, and truck material.

  • Earthwork (Excavate for building footings and foundation walls, Truck off site all unsuitable material, Furnish and Install (3) 2-Galley underground infiltration systems complete, Furnish and Install oil/gas separator, backfill for footings and walls- Backfill for under slab plumbing, Install 9″ layer of gravel to prep for new slab)
  • Utilities (Cut and cap existing water and sewer services directly in front of 301 Border Street, F&I domestic/fire service laterals, Connect new (8″) sewer service lateral to existing (12″) main, connect new (12″) drain service lateral to existing (24″) main, Furnish and Install Out-let control structure complete w/ weir wall
  • Site Finish Items (Gravel preparation under paving, sidewalks and under porous paver, furnish and install granite curbs)