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1/2 Screened Loam


Screened Sand


3/4 Crushed Stone


3/4 Crushed Gravel


Bulk Materials For Sale at M.T. Mayo Corp.

M.T. Mayo Corp. offers a wide range of high-quality bulk materials to meet the needs of various construction, landscaping, and gardening projects. Our selection includes 1/2″ screened loam, screened sand, 3/4″ crushed stone, and 3/4″ crushed gravel, each carefully processed to ensure the best results for your projects.

1/2″ Screened Loam For Sale in Billerica, MA

1/2″ Screened Loam: Our 1/2″ screened loam is an ideal choice for creating fertile soil beds for gardens, lawns, and landscape areas. It is rich in organic matter and nutrients, promoting healthy plant growth and providing excellent water retention and drainage. This loam is finely screened to remove any large clumps, rocks, or debris, ensuring a smooth, consistent texture for easy spreading and planting.

Screened Sand For Sale in Billerica, MA

Screened Sand: Our screened sand is a versatile material commonly used in various applications, including as a base for pavers, in sandboxes, and for beach restoration projects. It is carefully screened to remove any large particles, ensuring a uniform and clean product. Screened sand is also excellent for improving drainage and aeration in soil mixes.

3/4″ Crushed Stone For Sale in Billerica, MA

3/4″ Crushed Stone: Our 3/4″ crushed stone is a popular choice for construction projects, driveway installations, and drainage systems. It is made from high-quality granite or limestone and is crushed to a uniform size, providing excellent stability and durability. This crushed stone is also commonly used as a base material for concrete and asphalt paving.

3/4″ Crushed Gravel For Sale in Billerica, MA

3/4″ Crushed Gravel: Our 3/4″ crushed gravel is an excellent option for driveways, walkways, and as a base for retaining walls and patios. It is made from natural stone, crushed to a consistent size, and contains a mix of stone and stone dust, which helps it compact and stay in place. This gravel provides a stable and attractive surface for various outdoor projects.

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At M.T. Mayo Corp., we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality bulk materials to our customers. We are pleased to offer delivery services to Middlesex County, MA, ensuring that your materials arrive promptly and conveniently at your project site. For more information, to place an order, or to inquire about our delivery services, please call us at 781-435-0278. Our experienced team is here to assist you with your material needs and ensure you have the right products for your specific projects.

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