About M.T. Mayo Corp.

We’re A Local Site Work Contractor Based In Woburn, MA

M.T. Mayo Corp. is a fully licensed, bonded and insured site work contractor located in Woburn, Massachusetts. We specialize in all aspects of site work for commercial property owners, municipalities, cities, towns and homeowners in Eastern Massachusetts.

Our site work services include: exterior demolition, excavation services, drainage systems and water and sewer tie ins. We also offer a full line of commercial snow plowing, removal and sanding services during the winter months.

Our focus is on reliable, consistent and timely service. We maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our customers, while providing services at fair and competitive price.

Site Work Services Include:

Exterior Demolition Services

Our exterior demolition services include: home demolition, commercial building demolition, commercial structure demolition, retail structure demolition, garage demolition, school demolition and swimming pool demolition and fill in services.

Excavation Services

We provide complete excavation of both commercial and residential projects covering a full range of sizes and complexities. Before performing any excavation, we contact Dig Safe and any other agencies necessary to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We use excavators for most jobs that involve trench digging, hillside excavation, foundations, stump removal and any other large holes in the ground.

Construction Site Work Services

M.T. Mayo Corp provides site work exterior construction services that include foundations, tree removal, drainage and lot clearing services in greater Woburn MA and surrounding towns.

Exterior Drainage Systems

We are experienced with everything from a simple french drain and perimeter drain system, to larger precast concrete drywells, to heavy duty Cultec Re-Charger systems. Whatever your exterior drainage needs are in Massachusetts, M.T. Mayo Corp. has the expertise to provide you an affordable solution.

Tie-Ins – Water and Sewer Tie-Ins

We do everything from simply replacing an old clay sewer line with PVC pipe, to running new copper water lines from the municipal water main to the house or building. We are also experienced in installing larger water mains to buildings for a fire pipe or just a larger domestic service.

Water & Sewer Line Repair Services

M.T. Mayo Corp. is a licensed water and sewer line repair specialist servicing greater Boston, MA. As a Massachusetts drain-layer general contractor we provide water and sewer installation and repair services throughout greater Boston, MA.

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Certifications & Associations

  • CSL (Construction Supervisors License)
  • HIC (Home Improvement Contractors License)
  • MA Hoisting License
  • OSHA Certified
  • EPA Certified
  • LEED Accredited
  • Licensed Drain Layer